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Advertising on Google

Advertising with Google gives you the opportunity to reach your audience with the most relevant, targeted and measurable advertising for your products or services. All your ads will show up in search results on Google, YouTube and across the web.

What Is Google Ads?

Advertisers can use Google Ads to promote their websites and blogs, as well as their products and services. Advertisers who sign up for an account have access to a variety of powerful tools, including search term reports, dashboard analytics, and keyword-specific bid optimization tools.

Local Business Owners

As with any marketing strategy, local business owners have the benefit of time and ownership to focus on their business. However, operating a Google Ads account does require expertise in various aspects of digital marketing including managing keywords, bids, ad extensions and more. As with any part of your company’s marketing infrastructure, it is important to have a plan in place that can be executed efficiently by someone who has experience with all aspects of the platform.

Strategy Google ads

Pay-Per-Click advertising is a strategy that you need to build out. This means that you need to start with a plan of action and a well defined plan of attack. From there, we can make sure that your site adheres to Google’s terms of service and that your ads contain the right keywords. If you have done this, then it will be easier for us to optimize your ads and track their effectiveness on Google.

New to Google Ads? Call us

Google Ads can be very effective, but without the right knowledge and experience, you risk wasting your advertising budget on inefficient and ineffective campaigns. Let our team of Google Ads experts help you out, so that you can get up and running quickly and more effectively. We’ll help you avoid the pitfalls of getting started, so that your campaigns are set up correctly from the beginning and delivering the results you want.

Choose Your Plan.

The management price for your account depends on the level of service you choose. We provide a number of different options to help accommodate your business and services needed. If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to contact us and we will explain all the options.


199€ per month
  • Great for small businesses who don’t want many consultations, just Google Ads results.
  • Good for budgets 199 € to 1000€ / month.
  • 1

    Starter Plan Includes:

    • Help Desk Access to Our Support Team
    • Initial Strategy Call Only
    • Optimizations by our Google Ads Experts
    • Upgrade to Growth Plan at anytime

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